Specialist-in-training seeks professional advice

The long road to financial reward is paved with small steps in the right direction, and the avoidance of major missteps!

Mark was originally referred to FB Wealth Management by his parents, who were both successful medical practitioners, to arrange income protection insurance. At that time, he was an intern at a major Brisbane Hospital and wanting to study Dermatology.

Over a number of years while he completed his internship and residency, we also assisted him with various matters including his award superannuation, salary packaging, cash flow, referral to a quality Accountant and even some advice to avoid a “safe” tax-effective scheme.

While studying his specialty, Mark recognised the importance of adequate personal insurances including income protection, trauma and life insurance. He was generating a good income while “assisting” many specialists, and he recognised it could be financially debilitating if he were to become sick or injured during this training phase. FB Wealth Management were able to assist Mark with quality insurance structured to minimise the impact on his short-term cash flow requirements.

Mark completed his fellowship year in the United States, and was joined there by his wife, Ellen, and two young children. Even though now fully qualified and able to commence private practice, they returned to Australia heavily in debt having financed much of their time overseas with credit cards and personal loans. They sought advice from FB Wealth Management in relation to returning to financial freedom. We assisted Mark and Ellen to manage their cash flow and pay down personal debt, purchase their new primary place of residence and over subsequent years build and protect their investment portfolio.

The relationship established with Mark and Ellen over more than 14 years, means our advice is given and accepted in a collaborative and respectful environment. Mark and Ellen are both interested in investment, but also recognise that at this stage of their busy lives, it makes sense to concentrate on their own areas of expertise. They are very happy to have FB Wealth Management working with them to achieve their financial goals and build wealth to secure their future retirement.

Mark is now enjoying a great career and financial reward in his own practice.