Pre-Retirees and Retirees

As we head towards retirement, there is usually a gradual realisation that time is running out! Mild panic sets in, possibly due to a friend’s retirement party (or sadly, death) followed by a resolution to do something about it.

That is how so many of our client relationships start. It is interesting to note that the panic can affect anyone, whatever their level of assets or income. In many cases, an analysis of current financial position can prove that there is little to worry about.

So many people have only a vague idea of the strength or otherwise of their financial situation. Obviously then, it is a great starting point in any planning project. From that point, we are then able to collaborate with our clients to advise strategies and plans that will produce realistic results over time.

Strategies generally involve navigating the unnecessarily complex world of superannuation, but may also encompass taxation considerations, investment concepts, cash flow planning and even debt management. Our experience and qualifications in these areas are used to maximise our clients’ eventual financial positions.

Throughout retirement, we are there to provide on-going assistance and to reduce the stress of managing finances. Retirement is meant for enjoyment and unfortunately in today’s complex world, it is difficult to feel relaxed and confident in financial decision making.

As specialists in pre-retirement and retirement planning, we assist our clients with a full range of services including:

  • Analysis of current financial position, including assets and liabilities, income, timeframe to retirement (partial or full).
  • Contextualise that position to see if our conclusions match client expectations of retirement lifestyle.
  • Develop strategies to ensure desired lifestyle and goals will be achievable.
  • Over time, ensure that lifestyle remains achievable.
  • Reduce the stress of investment, so clients can enjoy themselves!
  • Ensure all estate planning considerations remain relevant and up to date.

Case Studies

Surprisingly, inheritance can be very stressful!

Clients, aged 68, with no previous investment experience inherit over $3 million from older sibling seek financial advice.

Resisting temptation for cheaper insurances pays off

With a sudden change to circumstances, maintaining quality insurance proved to be sound advice for Dick and Margaret.

Empty nesters now looking out for themselves

Clients, in their early 50’s, seeking help to build their retirement next egg now their three children were starting to fly the coup.

Insurance planning produces a happy ending

Pre-retirement couple relieved to have quality insurances to avoid financial loss following a prostate cancer diagnosis.

We have an excellent relationship and a depth of trust developed over many years of sound advice. FB Wealth Management has overseen our transition from salary earners into retirement.

Anonymous client survey feedback.