Personal Insurance

No-one wants to die or suffer serious illness or injury.  Unfortunately, we all eventually pass away, and few of us maintain good health for a lifetime.

Insurance does not cure illness or prevent death. It merely recognises its existence and probability.  When we look at our client’s financial situation, a big consideration is risk.  This can be investment risk, particularly if you are retired and relying on savings for your income.  For younger people though, the big risk to their financial plans is ill-health and for couples, the death of a partner.

At FB Wealth Management, we have always been strong advocates for a sound insurance plan as a key element of a robust investment plan.  You hope it will not happen to you, but you have to at least plan for the possibility.

We have a specialist in the area of risk, as we know it is a complex area that requires a professional and well researched approach. In most cases, during implementation there is no direct cost to our clients and importantly we are there to fight on behalf of our clients in the event that a claim is to be made.  Claims are particularly stressful for clients, as it generally occurs during a period of severe personal upheaval and grief.

The word ‘insurance’ encompasses a diverse and often misunderstood group of products.  We specialise in personal insurance which encompasses areas such as:

  • Term life insurance
  • Temporary and Permanent Disablement (TPD)
  • Income protection
  • Trauma
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Business buy and sell

Some, or all, of these insurances may be appropriate for every client.  Our role is to identify any needs and then explain which type of cover may reduce or eliminate that risk.

Who We Advise

Young Professionals,
Couples and Families

By working collaboratively with you, we develop wealth management plans that evolve with your changing needs.

Business Owners
and Professionals

We understand your time is valuable and offer cost effective, clear advice that produces results.


Our in depth understanding of the unique requirements of medical professionals enables us to provide expert advice in these matters.

Pre-retirees and

As specialists in pre-retirement planning, we help you navigate complex regulations to set yourself up for a secure retirement.

We would like to thank you personally for your outstanding approach in helping sort our insurance claim. We have never claimed for anything in our lives, insurance-wise, and you’ve made the experience a pleasure with no hassles. Your help has been greatly appreciated.

Client comment post-claim.

Case Studies

Insurance planning produces a happy ending

Pre-retirees relieved to have appropriate insurances to avoid financial loss following a cancer diagnosis.

Peace of mind provides recovery flexibility

Young family’s home and lifestyle were both protected during a period of ill health and reduced income.

Safety net for high investment property debt

Implementing risk protection for a young family with high investment property debt and tight cash flow.

Resisting temptation for cheaper insurances pays off

With a sudden change to circumstances, maintaining quality insurance proved to be sound advice for Dick and Margaret.