Medical Professionals

More so than most fields of endeavour, medical professionals have a tight timeframe in which to maximise their financial positions.  Specialists in particular may be engaged in extensive study through their 20’s.  As a result, they may be commencing serious asset accumulation up to 10 years later than their schoolmates. At FB Wealth Management, we recognise the urgency of the need to be compensated for this significant period of sacrifice.

We have extensive experience in, and knowledge of, the business and tax structures most appropriate for medical professionals and work closely with quality accountants who specialise in this field.

Focus is on asset accumulation, including family residence, business premises, superannuation and investment portfolios.

Key issues will be:

  • Recognition of debt levels across all entities and ability to absorb interest rate increases. Gaining an understanding of risks in pursuing accelerated asset accumulation.
  • Installation of insurance programs to accommodate inflow and outflow of fellow professionals from business partnerships.
  • Provision of insurance that recognises current and future earning potential of younger professionals.

Case Studies

Specialist-in-training seeks professional advice

The long road to financial reward is paved with small steps in the right direction, and the avoidance of major missteps!

Own your future

As a young medical professional, Anita wanted to be confident that insurance offered by her superannuation fund provided a long-term safety net in case of accident or injury.

We have been with the firm for almost a decade and feel that our financial welfare is foremost in their planning.

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