Young Professionals, Couples
And Families

Unlike Baby Boomers, younger clients can happily ignore retirement targets, for now! However, there are other considerations and responsibilities. Most common of these are the desire to own a home, raising a family, or even starting a business. All of these goals require capital and usually a degree of self-sacrifice regarding lifestyle.

We can assist younger clients to work out their goals, timeframes and strategies to develop sound financial habits that will start them on a journey to financial independence. Where appropriate, we also ensure that illness or injury need not derail these plans through judicious use of insurance.

With so much financial information available online and offered for ‘free’ by financial institutions and superannuation funds, it is important for younger clients to seek professional advice they can trust. We can help them navigate the abundance of choices available to them, to both maximise opportunities and avoid common pitfalls. Our role therefore is to help younger clients to gain an understanding of financial matters and to identify and advise on opportunities and associated risks.

Aspirations such as home ownership, marriage, family and education mean goals constantly change for those starting out. In all cases though, developing an understanding of the investment world at an early age is a huge step towards financial independence.

It is our own goal to be there for that journey to assist our clients to realise their changing financial goals. This may including providing advice and assistance with:

  • Cash flow management and budgeting.
  • Superannuation consolidation, choice of fund, investment strategies.
  • Analysis of capacity to borrow – for home, business and / or investment.
  • Savings goals – short, medium and long term.
  • Optimisation of any Government assistance available.
  • Ensuring income, debt and business is adequately insured against misfortune.
  • Providing direction on key issues for estate planning – wills, enduring powers of attorney, beneficiary nominations.

Case Studies

Young Homeless Professional Couple

Clients, in their late 20’s, weighing up current lifestyle choices versus a desire for home ownership and starting a family.

Safety net for high debt

Implementing risk protection for a young family with high investment property debt and tight cash flow.

Smashed avo and a house?

High earning clients, in their late 20’s, seeking advice to develop sound financial habits to save for their first home.

Peace of mind provides flexibility

Young family’s home and lifestyle protected during a period of extended ill health and reduced income.

Show a genuine and keen interest in achieving and maintaining our financial wellbeing.

Anonymous client survey feedback.