Our Values and Investment Philosophy

We strive to provide clients with the highest possible standards of advice, service and support and to create personalised wealth management plans that are as individual as they are.

The following investment philosophies form the foundation for recommendations and advice provided by our team. We encourage prospective clients to consider if these philosophies align with their wealth management expectations.

Privately Owned Intermediaries

We are privately owned and non-aligned to any financial institution or bank because we believe it is important to sit between you and the investment universe.
If an investment institution owned us, there would be an implicit conflict of interest that may compromise the quality of our advice to you.

Fund Managers versus Direct Shares

We believe that many busy clients are better served by managed funds than direct shares. We are happy to advise on shares, but it is an area that requires considerable commitment, interest and discipline on your part.
Quality fund managers can provide a level of discipline and diversification that may not be possible in a direct share portfolio.

Hedge Funds

Whilst hedging is a legitimate business finance tool, we have reservations about the ability of hedge funds to consistently add value over the long term. Therefore we tend to use these funds very selectively, as a small percentage of a portfolio, and with particular emphasis on liquidity and manager strength in order to reduce overall volatility.


We believe that diversification is important. While it may limit your potential upside, it also ensures that ambition for high returns does not overpower common sense and prudence.


We do not invest for tax purposes alone. Many tax effective schemes are expensive and overly ambitious. Why save tax but lose your capital? Potential clients seeking access to mass-marketed tax effective schemes could do better seeking other advisers.

Investors versus Speculators

We are investors, not speculators. We believe in building your wealth over time, using savings and discipline. Speculation on hot tips involves luck rather than skill.

International Shares

We consider it vital that clients have exposure to the range of businesses available across the globe and that it will be very rewarding long term. It is a key element of diversification in a portfolio.


We invest according to timeframe. We cannot predict short-term market movements. We are unable to tell you that it is time to “get out of the market.” Therefore we only invest long–term funds for you when completely satisfied that short term risk is not an issue.

Fund of Funds

We believe that there is value in utilizing the expertise of some institutions that use investment processes known as fund of funds or manager of managers. A range of fund managers can be accessed within a single portfolio, providing you with great efficiency in cost and timeliness.

Property Investment

We support a multitude of wealth accumulation strategies, including the use of property. We do not routinely recommend the sale of property assets unless you and we agree that the sale actively contributes toward your longer-term financial plans.

Borrowing to Invest

While we acknowledge that borrowing to invest can enhance your returns, we know it can also magnify losses, so any debt strategy should be approached with caution.

Asset Protection

While investment and saving are very important, tragedy can unravel even the best laid plans. Insurance and estate planning should therefore be key components of your financial plan, to reduce the potential financial downside of death or disability.

We facilitate wealth management by developing and explaining recommendations jargon-free.
You achieve your financial goals through commitment and discipline.

When engaging a financial adviser, it is important that you are confident they have the appropriate philosophies, capabilities and services to meet your long-term requirements. And most importantly, that a relationship built on mutual respect and understanding is developed.

Rob Ferguson, Director

Our 6 Advice Fundamentals

No Gimmicks

We manage wealth. Investment advice is one aspect of this. We do not promote the latest gimmick or “hot stock” or tax effective scheme. Rather, we agree upon long-term strategies and help you build and protect your wealth accordingly.

Make Sound Decisions

We believe that everyone tends to be a risk taker when investment values are rising and then risk averse when markets fall. Our role is to ensure our clients do not become too greedy in good times or too timid in bad times.

Slowly and Surely

Wealth is accumulated slowly in most cases. Your saving plans are as important as investment returns and this obviously requires on-going discipline and discussion.

What Goes Up, May Come Down

You should accept that investments can fall in value, sometimes quite sharply. We cannot and do not attempt to ‘pick’ those times.

Valuable Advice

Our services must be fairly compensated, whether by fee or commission and clients need to be aware of, and in agreement with, our level of remuneration. This should be discussed and agreed upon early in the relationship.

Here to Help

You must always feel you can ask if you do not understand or agree with something, whether it relates to financial strategy, investment returns or fees.

Interested to know more?

We offer an initial meeting (at our cost) to those referred to us by our clients, accountants and solicitors.