Updating ID after Optus data breach?

Several clients have let us know they have been impacted by the recent Optus data breach and have consequently updated their identity documents.

If you are one of the many in the same boat, please let our team know, to ensure we have your current ID on file.

If you have been impacted and unsure what actions to take, we encourage you to call Optus direct on 133 343 and follow the steps outlined by Optus in their correspondence to effected customers as outlined below:

  • Look out for any suspicious or unexpected activity across your online accounts, including your bank accounts. Make sure to report any fraudulent activity immediately to the related provider.
  • Look out for contact from scammers who may have your personal information. This may include suspicious emails, texts, phone calls or messages on social media.
  • Never click on any links that look suspicious and never provide your passwords, or any personal or financial information.
  • If people call you posing as a credible organisation and request access to your computer, always say no.

Please be aware that FB Wealth will always call our clients directly if bank accounts, contact details or addresses are requested to be changed. We will also always verbally confirm any instructions to transfer funds received by email & only to existing linked accounts.